You may have witnessed my decision to COMMIT to being part of the 80 Day Obsession Test Group and seen my progression from week to week! It was a LIFE changing experience and I CANNOT wait to share in the excitement with our launch fast approaching! We officially LAUNCH on January 15th, but there will be VARIOUS packages available to get your ready to ROCK for launch date PRIOR to the launch! Packages will be available EFFECTIVE DECEMBER 15th, and the SNEAK PEEK of A Little Bit Obsessed comes BACK on December 20th. Please note that ALL who purchase a package between the dates of December 15th and 19th will be invited to AN EXCLUSIVE PRE LAUNCH CALL that I've arranged with the CREATOR and SuperTrainer Extraordinaire HERSELF, Autumn Calabrese, taking place on December 19th. Please submit this form so we can touch base on packages and get you READY to GET OBSESSED.
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